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Jay Bulger’s biggest challenge making “Beware of Mr. Baker,” his documentary about legendary drummer Ginger Baker? Ginger Baker himself. “Ginger Baker was so much bigger than an article and my words on paper,” said Bulger. “The only way to give his story justice was to see and hear him play the drums.” Even if giving Baker’s story justice meant a broken nose in return.

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  • pat mastelotto

    hi Jay,

    Im pat , drummer for King Crimson since 94 – i live in the hill country near Austin and am so excited to see your film, — the previews look fantastic! i was/am a huge Ginger fan. . When i was about 11 and had just starting to play i carved ‘Ginger is God’ above me in my bunk bed (i slept lower) . . all things Ginger! My mom even took me to Oakland to see Blind Faith a year or so later Fast forward to Around 1990 while living in LA i took a few lessons with Ginger out at Trancus and after helping him load out he signed several LPs each with a story. . a few years later Karen invited me out for a BBQ and Ginger played drums by the pool till his pedal broke . . lots of stories but nothing compared to yours~! Good luck saturday- ill be cheering for you. p@

  • Steve

    Really intrigued to find out in what context GB would ‘cane’ you. I can’t wait to see this film. Is there a release date? Thank you very much!

    • mtromba

      It has not been determined yet but we will be updating everyone via the blog and Facebook. Stay tuned!

  • Joe Salles

    Beware of Mr Baker and the late legend Mr Cozy Powell are 2 films I can’t wait to see. 2 of rocks best…..ever!

  • john alper

    Mr. Bulger
    I can’t wait to see your film. I grew up loving Cream and Ginger. I play guitar and my son plays drums.
    As an ex-sports doc guy and now award-winning commercial director, I’ve worked with the talented Mr Robbins on a number of spots.
    A great guy, smart and fun.
    Looking forward to all of us getting together in NYC at some point.
    Lots of intersections.
    Again, congratulations on a great effort.
    John Alper

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